I have over 10 years Private Practice experience, working as a Qualified Counsellor and Coach and over 5 years experience, working as a Qualified Supervisor, in various settings.

Coaching and Counselling Supervision is open to Qualified and Trainee Coaches and Counsellors, as well as any individual, or organisation, providing Therapeutically-based services, working in roles that require regularly giving, or receiving, emotionally challenging communications, or engaging in relationally complex and challenging roles.

Coaching and Counselling Supervision is a regular meeting between professionals where you can confidentially discuss professional issues, case-load, training needs and progressions in a structured way that will allow you to develop and reflect on your own needs for your practice, in line with the Code of Ethics and National Occupational Standards of your professional body.

Regular Coaching and Counselling Supervision will assist the practitioner to learn from his, or her experience and progress in expertise, as well as ensuring professionalism for your clients.

I provide Supervision sessions as follows: (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

1 hour sessions

1.5 hour sessions